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Oklahoma State University

Abstracts of Presentation Papers

Every two years since 1991, the International Web Handling Conference (IWEB) has been the worldwide forum for new technologies and applications that underpin the handling of thin web materials moving through roll-to-roll manufacturing processes.  IWEB 2019 demonstrates this leadership once again by the technical content of the papers that will be presented. The abstracts below have been approved by the IWEB Program Committee and the authors are currently developing full manuscripts for the IWEB Proceedings. At IWEB 2019 there will be a rich mixture of new developments, and interpretations that relate to key issues in winding, wrinkling, traction, lateral dynamics and tension control. Come to IWEB and witness this excellence! Come and witness the presentations of authors that have dedicated their work to enhancing the productivity of R2R manufacturing processes! Let them show you how you can enhance the productivity of your processes!

2019 IWEB Abstracts