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Oklahoma State University

Advice from the Experts: Best Practices

Monday, June 10, 2019

Learn from web handling practitioners of world renown! This is an opportunity for you to find where you should focus your efforts to gain the most improvement in web transport through your process. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

The thread or web which is common to all is the need to transport webs through roll-to-roll process machinery. We do this with varied degrees of success and there is always need for improvement. We have needs to reduce waste and improve profitability of a process or we may need to move a process that was previously conducted with discrete manufacturing processes to roll-to-roll process machines and are confronted with challenges with the available technologies. To help facilitate such needs, Jerry Brown, Dilwyn Jones, Ron Lynch, David Roisum and Tim Walker who have extensive experience in transporting webs through process machines have agreed to provide a learning activity and training forum. They will help you better understand the technology and the science that constrains those technologies so that the modifications you make to improve the web handling in a process machine will yield rewards. Each speaker will provide a focused presentation in a critical area of web handling.

Following these presentations will be a live demonstration lab tour in the labs of the Web Handling Research Center to provide visual learning experiences on web transport machines.


Topic Speaker Time
Welcome to the WHRC K. N. Reid 7:45-8:00 AM
Lateral Registration/Guiding Jerry Brown 8:00-9:10 AM
Break   9:10-9:25 AM
Web Wrinkling/Spreading Tim Walker 9:25-10:35 AM
Break   10:35-10:50 AM
Air Entrainment/Traction Dilwyn Jones 10:50-12:00 AM
Lunch   12:00-1:00 PM
Longitudinal Registration/Tension Control Ron Lynch 1:00-2:10 PM
Break   2:10-2:25 PM
Winding David Roisum 2:25-3:35 PM
WHRC Lab Tour/live demonstrations   3:35-5:30 PM
Social   6:00 - 8:00 PM